Luther Drive

by Underdog Story

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released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Underdog Story Ames, Iowa

Ames, Iowa Pop-Punk 4-piece. Probably at TRM.

Luther Drive out now!

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Track Name: Decision Street
Everybody knows that I’m the weakest link / A parasite a burden and I’m clogging up the sink / I don’t seem to have any talent and I can’t help but to think / That even though I’m paying him, I’m bothering my shrink / And it’s my tenth time coming ‘round the bend / I’ve done it once and it’s my new trend / Everyone is waiting on me / I can’t believe I’m coming ‘round again / I got fired from my job cause I’m too busy getting stoned / My girlfriend left me yesterday and she’s out now getting boned / My laziness has overtaken and my hopes and dreams postponed / and if I screw up one more time I swear to God I’ll get disowned / Alibis, excuses, they’re all a waste of time / I don’t need one in the first place / Cause I’m committed to my crime / I’m like a star that’s running out of gas / That never got to shine / Now I’ll never get the chance / Cause now I’m doing some time
Track Name: Needing and Wanting
So much time in just one phrase / Summer spent in so many different ways / All that time that disappears / Wasted / Now you’re running out of years / And it’s cold / You feel so old / Killing time in my room / Watch the sun as it chases the moon / Pushing friends in shopping carts / Oh thank God for late starts and broken hearts / And it’s cold / You feel so old / I need more time / To do the things I want to be doing when I’m old / All these broken memories / Ambition feels like my disease / Watch the smoke dissapate / Kerosene to help incinerate / And it’s cold / You feel so old / I need more time / To do the things I want to be doing when I’m old /
Track Name: Bones
The love you gave me made me feel like I could get out of my bed / Motivated me / Gave me strength / Put an image in my head / I see you and me living happy like you said / But can it come to be / If you’re not happy we must be dead / This broken heart that you told me to keep / Keeps me up whenever I try to sleep / Can this car drive any faster? / I need to know if there’s happiness after this / ‘Cause I have no place for this bag of bones / My worn out passion / My sticks and my stones / I’ll use them to start anew / A life you can’t see through / Then I felt it / In my chest / My beating heart / It grew / Now what was I thinking / When I gave you my love / In the first place / Probably thinking of the smile / That I put on your face / Now I’m gone and I’m out of your life / Without a trace / And I can’t stand it to see his hand upon your waist / You said that I could hold on forever / Now I’ve learned to let you go / So I should let you know / Now I can’t hold it together / You know I’m just a bag of bones /
Track Name: All She Wrote
How could we have come to this again? / ‘Cause this is how it always ends / You said I couldn’t cross that line / But you had already been past mine / I’m working hard to try and get it in / Her mind’s made up / So this is all she wrote / The conversation ends / What’s the point of being friends? / This letter is ending on a sad note / And I still see you when I close my eyes / It doesn’t hurt me ‘cause I only think about the things you said before goodbye / So if I choose to love again / The love I make won’t rot away and then turn to hatred in the end / I’m working hard to try and get it in / I swear I’ll understand /
She woulnd’t let me in /
Track Name: Punk
Remember when we were just kids / Our eyes used to shine like a flare from the sun / And our smiles justified by the sight of a smoking gun / Remember when we learned how to lie / Our innocence was gone and our youth was passed by / And we began to change and most of us can’t deny / I’m a Punk / I’m a dweeb / Oh yeah / A snot nosed stuck up brat / Can’t do a good deed / Oh no / So here I go / Everything I say is a joke / Noone listens to me and I’m always provoked / To make a fucking scene / So keep my hands away from your throat / And now it’s getting out of hand / I can’t control myself / But it’s you I can’t stand / So I’ll go to California / And stick my head in the sand / And I can’t get a break / I’ve earned this life from decisions that I make / And now I won’t look back / Thought of my past and my fears / Start to attract / I’m a Punk / I’m a dweeb / Oh yeah / A snot nosed stuck up brat / Can’t do a good deed / Oh no / So here I go / And here I am / Oh yeah / I’m a punk